•  Users didn't understand what is the website about
•  Overall users satisfaction with the website was poor
•  Navigation within the website was hard and slow
•  Organisation of information didn't meet users expectations
•  Users were not able to find information and products they looked for
•  Users were spending too much time on the website trying to achieve their goals
Design Tenets
Intuitive purchasing experience. Choosing and buying roofing should be as easy as buying any other product online. 
Increase discoverability of available roofing options. It should be clear what are customer’s roofing options and which services they will receive with it.
Explain differences between different roofing options. Provide useful information for making purchasing decision. However users should not be overloaded with information. 
User Testings
I was testing competitors websites with my client's web site to see pain points and figure out what makes customers to purchase.
Making sense of data

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